Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maiden Voyage

It's hot as an oven in Dallas. Being a northerner both ethnically (Norway) and by birth (North Dakota) I find this is the time to dwell inside and read. Just like the long-awaited winter storms of my childhood kindly enforcing a retreat from the outer world. What I hadn't counted on was my new found interest in blogs. This is an irony for an anti-tech, well neo-Luddite to be precise, as in 'if you can't explain that machine then you really ought not use it'. If I'm not the fashionable, than at the least I'm the very elite loser who kept my typewriter until no repairman knew what it was, decried email as the death of language, manners, and just about everything else, and clung to my ink and pen like a childhood teddy bear. Now, while positive that history will vindicate me, I have discovered the guilty pleasure of connecting with fellow...well my fellows. I'm quite assured that this is just a mad, passing fancy, much like the primary season which brought me my first exposure to cable news, not dissimilar to the first exposure to chicken pox, suspending me in an incongruent state of both over-vigilance and torpor, until at last one day I got up, and feeling much better, I simply forgot about the whole disagreeable affair.

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